First Year Students Photograph the Library

tables and chairs in philosophy library

Every Fall we ask the 90-100 students enrolled in Letters & Science 1 to go to a library they have never visited and post a photo of “something interesting,” along with a caption.

What catches the eye of first year students?

Among other things:

  • well to do patrons and Horatio Alger (Business),
  • chess (Physics),
  • natural light (Law),
  • Joel Hildebrand (also a bookdrop; Chemistry),
  • lions’s breath (EAL),
  • La Huerta (Ethnic studies),
  • prune research (Biosciences),
  • punk rock, Mozart, the Beatles, et al (Music)
  • Snoopy art (Optometry) and
  • “desk desk desk COLLABORATE!” (ENGI).

Check out the gallery on tumblr.

Post contributed by

Corliss Lee, Program Coordinator  & Tim Dilworth, Program Coordinator

Doe & Moffitt Libraries

Instruction Services Division