Behind the Beautiful Forevers Exhibit in Moffitt Library

The Behind the Beautiful Forevers exhibit in Moffitt Library will close early in the new year.  Stop by now, if you haven’t already!

The exhibit showcases a variety of library collections related to Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity, this year’s featured book for the On the Same Page program.

Behind the Beautiful Forevers weaves together the stories of a dozen or more residents of a vast slum near the Mumbai airport, many of whom subsist by recycling garbage thrown away by others. Katherine Boo’s book won the National Book Award (2012) and The Los Angeles Times Book Prize, among many others, and has appeared on numerous “best books of the year” lists.

The exhibit in Moffitt Library features

  • video clips
  • a personal narrative in Marathi
  • maps (historical and contemporary)
  • pictorial works
  • statistics
  • magazine articles
  • articles about poverty in Mumbai published in The Times of India 1876 and 2005

Related books, dissertations, scholarly journal articles, and government documents about slum dwellers and waste recyclers in India are aslo part of the exhibit.

Where: Across from the under-renovation Moffitt elevators on 1st floor.

Open to all with a campus ID.

Thanks to —

Jim Church, Angela Gorden, Cody Hennesy, Brian Light, Paul Lynch, Mark Marrow, Michael Meacham, Margaret Phillips, Susan Powell, Molly Rose, Jill Schwocho, Sharon Mendoza Schrager, Zach Veley, Jutta Wiemhoff and Dave Wong, the Media Resources Center staff, and the Education/Psychology Library staff.

Special thanks go to Aisha Hamilton, exhibit designer extraordinaire; Alix Schwartz, coordinator of the On the Same Page Program; Adnan Malik, who suggested many items for the exhibit; and Michele McKenzie, who curated the video clips.

— Post contributed by Corliss Lee, Program Coordinator, Doe & Moffitt Libraries Instruction Services Division