Guide to Freely Available Resources for Research

There are plenty of ways to gather research even when you’re not on campus.  Current students, faculty, and staff can connect to the Library off-campus and access the full range of UCB research materials.

Alumni and library visitors should check out the new library guide on Freely Available Resources for Research. This guide serves as an excellent starting point when you need to access high quality research materials but can’t log in to UCB’s licensed databases from off-campus.

The guide lists free scholarly collections in the Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts/Humanities and Area Studies all available online. An interdisciplinary team of librarians — Corliss Lee, Margaret Phillips, and Michael Sholinbeck — compiled the list in consultation with librarian experts.

Alumni and members of the general public are welcome to access most library-licensed resources by using computers in the libraries. However, our license agreements with the vendors of electronic resources usually stipulate that the Library can permit off-campus access to authorized users only. More information: Computers in the Libraries.