Maps & More: The Moon

Image of full moon, CC0

Moon maps will be the topic of the next Maps & More event, a series of monthly pop-up exhibits featuring items from the Earth Sciences & Map Library.

Using maps and other materials from the library’s collection, Heidi Fuqua, an Earth and Planetary Sciences graduate student, will

  • explain how our knowledge of the moon has grown and changed over time
  • highlight different methods for obtaining information on the Moon (telescopes, satellites, Apollo missions, lunar meteorites)
  • offer insight into current hot topics in lunar research

When: September 18th, 11:00 am – Noon

Where: Earth Sciences & Map Library, 50 McCone Hall

Maps & More events are open to the Berkeley community as well as the public.

Post contributed by

Samantha Teplitzky, Earth & Physical Sciences Librarian