Summer Reading List: The Story of Stuff

The UC Berkeley Summer Reading List is an annual compilation of recommended (though not required) readings suggested by Cal faculty, staff, and students as a welcome to incoming freshmen and transfer students.

This week we take a closer look at The Story of Stuff, Annie Leonard, New York: Free Press, 2010.

“In my course, Reading and Composition in Energy, Society, and Environmental Design, I assigned Leonard’s book and the students really enjoyed reading and discussing it. Leonard, a former Greenpeace activist and now the organization’s executive director, writes in an accessible journalistic/narrative style and uses data to make strong argumentative points about the life cycle of objects, their production, issues of sustainability, and consumerism.”

—SAIMA AKHTAR, Department of Architecture

This post was contributed by Michael Larkin Lecturer, College Writing Programs

Tim Dilworth First Year Coordinator, Library

Jonathan Garrett Site designer, Doe & Moffitt Libraries