Congratulations to Library Retirees!

Photo Source: vistamommy via CC,

The Library is pleased to offer congratulations and the best of luck to twenty Library retirees this summer. They have over 600 years of combined service to the Libraries and will be greatly missed!

  • Mark Barone, Systems Office
  • Penny Bertrang, Systems Office
  • Michaelyn Burnette, Humanities Librarian
  • John Ceballos, Art History/Classics Library
  • Lorelie Crabtree-Mansur, Business Services
  • Stephen Denney, Catalog and Metadata Services
  • Vic Fischer, Bancroft Library
  • Paul Hamburg, Librarian for the Judaica Collection
  • Cris Guerrero, Social Research Library
  • Tom Leonard, University Librarian
  • Tonette Mendoza, Catalog and Metadata Services
  • Garey Mills, Systems Office
  • Noriko Nishizawa, C.V. Starr East Asian Library
  • Lupe Ochoa, Catalog and Metadata Services
  • Don Robinson, Facilities Office
  • Charlotte Rubens, Northern Regional Library Facility
  • Mary Scott, Graphic Services
  • Baiba Strads, Bancroft Library
  • Vanessa Tait, South/Southeast Asia Library
  • Lupe Villegas, Social Research Library