Canadian Webinar Explores Exposures to Carcinogens in Legal and Advocacy Contexts

Want to hear about Canada’s national surveillance project that estimates the number of Canadians exposed to substances associated with cancer in workplace and community environments? Interested in learning what they are doing with the estimates that have been generated? Then this webinar may be of interest to you.

The webinar is presented by CAREX (CARcinogen EXposure) Canada and CELA (Canadian Environmental Law Association). CAREX is a multi-institution research project that combines academic expertise and government resources to generate an evidence-based carcinogen surveillance program for Canada. CAREX builds on work done by the Finnish Institute in creating the European CAREX project.

It will provide a broad overview of CAREX, how the exposure estimates were generated, and how users can conduct custom queries of these estimates. Following the presentation, join us for a panel discussion about using CAREX estimates in legal and advocacy work, where panel members will discuss ways that CAREX has been used and could be used in future.

DATE: Wednesday, June 10, 2015
TIME: 12-1pm PST

This webinar is intended for researchers, environmental NGO staff, advocates for environmental/occupational disease sufferers, and lawyers with an interest in environmental and occupational exposure.

For more information or to register, please go here.