Stress-busting tips for finals week

The stress of finals may be unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to relax and give yourself a break. In between that 8am and 7pm final, why not take a breather and unwind? Here are some suggestions to take care of yourself during finals week:

  1. Go for a relaxing dip in the pool (Cal has four pools to choose from!)

  2. Attend a tranquil yoga or tai-chi class to settle the mind

  3. Schedule an appointment with a massage therapist (your neck and shoulders must be hurting from looking down at your papers all night long)

  4. Get your dose of furry affection with Pet Hugs (including noon to 1pm sessions outside of Moffitt Library on Tue, May 5 and Wed, May 6)

  5. Go for a run through the campus, maybe even trace Strawberry Creek.

  6. Hike the Big C and appreciate the beautiful sunset. Tell yourself to breathe, be calm, and know that you’ll get through this week!

  7. Enjoy free movies with Movies @ Moffitt (May 7) and Map & Movie Study Break (May 8)

  8. If all these seem like too much effort for you, the least you can do is sleep! Try taking a nap outdoors, on the green grass under a warm sun.

Relax, and you’ll do great on your finals!