Map and Movie Study Break


Did you know that your brain focuses and retains information better with downtime between study sessions? With that in mind, take a quick break and head on over to the Earth Sciences and Map Library for a Map & Movie Study Break to watch The City that Waits to Die, a 1970 BBC film about seismology research and San Francisco earthquakes.

This film is “a classic of the disaster-geology genre,” according to the Earth Sciences and Map Library website, and it “was intended to warn viewers of the dire consequences that awaited the region should another ‘big one’ hit. Although its prognostications are somewhat dated, the movie is an amazing time capsule of 1970s era science, featuring a soundtrack by Mama Cass and vintage supercomputers.”

When: Friday, May 8, 11-noon

Where: Earth Sciences and Map Library, 50 McCone Hall

Admission is free.