Movies @ Moffitt: Purgatorio

The next Movies @ Moffitt event features Purgatorio, a Journey Into the Heart of the Border. This provocative film reimagines the Mexico/U.S. border as a mythical place comparable to Dante’s purgatory. The film takes a fresh look at the brutal beauty of the border and the people caught in its spell.

Rather than focus on the illegal immigration debate, the film captures the lives of the actual people living on both sides of the border–the Mexicans who struggle to escape from violence, corruption, and hunger and the Americans who either offer helping hands or patrol the borders.

What: Purgatorio, a Journey Into the Heart of the Border

Where: 150 D Moffitt Library

When: Thursday, April 2, 2015. Doors open at 6:30pm; show starts at 7:00pm

Cost: Free.  UCB Student ID required.