The 19th Annual BCLT/BTLJ Symposium on Open Data: Addressing Privacy, Security, and Civil Rights Challenges

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Open data is generally seen as a good thing, something that helps entrepreneurs create new products and services and gives citizens insight into the government. However, open data can also identify individuals or groups, which leads to privacy concerns.

The 19th Annual Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) and Berkeley Technology Law Journal (BTLJ) Symposium, an open data conference, will address questions concerning the government’s release of large datasets for analysis by anyone for any purpose. The event will be held April 17, 2015 at the Bancroft Hotel.

Experts in the field of open government data will discuss the six projects selected for funding works after the BCLT and Microsoft released a call for proposals on Open Data in Summer 2014.

Make sure to register for the event beforehand.

  • What: The 19th Annual BCLT/BTLJ Symposium
  • Where: Bancroft Hotel
  • When: April 17, 2015