Animal and Ancestral Passions and Wisdom Lecture

Do animals think? Stop by the Bancroft Library on March 17th for a lecture on animal mentality. Bestselling author and science writer Virginia Morell will discuss her newest book, Animal Wise. In it, she and several other scientists explore the once uncharted territory of animal minds.

In her book, you’ll read about the author’s trips to meet researchers who’ve discovered that ants teach, parrots converse, rats laugh, and cheetahs can die from heartbreak. You’ll be surprised how many of our fellow creatures are capable of complex thought and emotion. Morell will also discuss the history of human origins research of Louis Leakey.

What: Animal and Ancestral Passions and Wisdom
When: March 17, 2015 from 12-1pm
Where: Bancroft Library, Krouzian Room #371