WebCSD – easy access to crystallography data

If you work with small molecules and value reliable crystallographic data, you probably already know about the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD), a collection of almost 400,000 organic and organometallic crystal structures.  But did you know that UCB students, faculty and staff have access to WebCSD, an online portal to the CSD?  With the intuitive interface of the WebCSD and no need to download data or software, the WebCSD is an excellent instructional tool for the classroom as well as an advanced research tool for the laboratory.

Features of WebCSD include:

  • Substructure searching
  • Similarity searching
  • Text/numeric searching (journal reference, compound name, all text)
  • Reduced cell searching
  • Easy structure and result export features
  • Customizable 3D display

To read more about WebCSD, click here.
The full CSD client system is still available for downloading here.