New campus Wi-Fi services

Two new campus Wi-Fi services, eduroam and CalVisitor are available in the libraries.

eduroam, a service offered on many college and university campuses to provide Wi-Fi access for visiting scholars, is now available at UC Berkeley. Scholars visiting from other eduroam participating institutions can login to the eduroam Wi-Fi network using their home campus credentials. Also, when UC Berkeley faculty, staff and students are at other participating campuses they can login with their UC Berkeley credentials.

Users who authenticate on the eduroam Wi-Fi network have access to the Library’s licensed resources, and can also print wirelessly to our public printing service.

CalVisitor, a Wi-Fi service also intended for visitors to campus, replaces the AirBears guest pass system, and can be used by visitors whose institutions do not participate in eduroam. Visitors to campus can use CalVisitor to access their email and the Internet. CalVisitor does not allow access to licensed library resources.