CDPH Web Portal Password Changes: Have *You* Changed Yours Yet?

Our January 2014 newsletter [link to article] announced changes ahead for your web portal passwords. If you use the web portal to access library services, this change will apply to you!

This month, the Public Health Library will be changing non-compliant web portal passwords to comply with the UC Berkeley campus password guidelines.

If you haven’t changed your password and still would like to choose your own new password, please log into the web portal and click on “Change Password” underneath the “Log Out” button in the personal information section. Please choose a new password before Monday, April 7th.

Just a reminder, web portal passwords need to:

– Contain eight characters or more
– Contain both types of characters below:
Alphabetic (i.e. a-z, A-Z)
Numeric (i.e. 0-9)

Web portal passwords SHOULD NOT be:

* A derivative of your username
* A word found in a dictionary (English or foreign)
* A dictionary word spelled backwards
* A dictionary word (forward or backwards) preceded and/or followed by any other single character (e.g., secret4, 4secret)

Beginning April 7th we will begin changing all the non-compliant passwords and we will notify you of your new password. You may be unable to access your web portal for a short period of time during this transition. We expect to complete the password transition by April 30th.

Please contact Debbie Jan ( or 510-642-2510) if you have any questions.