Big Data in Public Health–Short Survey for Tulane University

Tulane wishes to identify priorities for new training materials for public health researchers and practitioners who use ‘Big Data’ and would like your input. You can help with this interesting project by filling out a short survey.

What do they mean by ?Big Data?? These refer to data sets that are very large and/or complex. ‘Big Data’ contain large numbers of records, variables, or both, and capture a very high volume of information. While this type of data can be challenging to use, it can yield a wealth of information on public health. Tulane is interested in developing new training resources to build the capacity of public health researchers and practitioners to utilize ‘Big Data’ resources.

The Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (TSPH&TM) is partnering with researchers from University of Louisiana Lafayette and Drexel University to identify needs and develop resources to enhance the use of big data in public health.