Populations at Higher Risk: When Mainstream Approaches Don’t Work

Looking for tips on how to reach higher risk populations? This 24-page booklet from The Best Start Resource Centre (Canada) was designed to help give service providers strategies and tips for reaching populations that are at higher risk for maternal, newborn, and child health concerns. The strategies and tips presented here would also be useful for other types of public health and social welfare inteventions, however.

It includes information on why and how to focus on higher risk populations, tips on how to overcome barriers, and tips for specific populations. It also has stories from the field to illustrate its points and a list of other resources for more information.

Best Start is a provincial resource centre that supports service providers to implement effective health promotion programs for expectant and new parents (including both mom and dad), newborns and young children. It is funded by the Government of Ontario.

This guide is freely available online.