SCP Monthly Update – 09/13

SCP Monthly Update
September 2013

[from Adolfo Tarango]

It appears that CDL will be moving forward with a DDA pilot with YBP/Ebrary. Therefore, SCP expects to start distributing OCLC records for these DDA titles sometime in the next several weeks. The records will be distributed with our regular distributions and the records will include the 793 hook ?UC Ebrary DDA pilot.? The estimate is that the first distribution will number about 2,400 titles and that subsequent distributions will number about a dozen per week. We found OCLC records for every title from the sample of titles provided by YBP; however, if this pattern doesn?t hold true for the actual title set selected, we will create brief level ?3? records for those titles not found in OCLC. SCP will attach each subscribing campus? XXXER holding symbol so the titles will show as being held the campuses. At the point of purchase, SCP will review the cataloging, enhance the records as needed, and redistribute records as updates. The redistributed records should overlay the previously distributed DDA records and will have a new 793 title hook ?Ebrary online monographs.?

Due to various problems with the first set of Airiti DDA vendor records the campuses retrieved, subscribing campuses will need to delete that set of records when the next set of records are made available from Airiti. Full instructions will be distributed to the subscribing campuses at the appropriate time.

Naxos has grouped its jazz recordings into a separate package. CDL staff fixed the immediate linking problem on September 20th. SCP will work on retagging and then redistributing the titles moved into the Naxos Jazz collection. The Naxos Jazz collection records will have a new 793 hook, ?Naxos music library online audio $p Jazz.? Note, while Naxos is calling this a jazz collection, it appears that the criteria for what they are including in the collection is somewhat loose. We have found non-jazz titles included and have found jazz titles left in the original collection. However, if you find a link that resolves to the wrong collection, please let us know.

The JSC approved title level cataloging for the journals in Gale?s Literature Resources Center. There are about 500 titles currently available and you should expect these titles to start showing up in your catalogs in the coming month.

The DDA pilots have become of some import and I?ve been asked to call them out specifically in our monthly updates. As of this writing we have two active DDA pilots. The CRC Press ENGnetBASE DDA currently contains 179 titles. SCP checks for and adds any new titles on a weekly basis. The Airiti DDA now includes 431 titles. Airiti, the vendor, will make records for newly added titles available on a monthly basis.

Last month we distributed the first set of journal titles from NOW Publisher, 23 of them. Other significant serial distributions were for China Online Journals (64 titles), Open Access (52 titles), China Academic Journals (38 titles), and SuperStar (32 titles). The major monograph distributions were for the NBER Working Papers (1617 titles), Karger (620 titles), Springer (296 titles), SuperStar (177 titles), Safari (135 titles), Wiley (103 titles), CRC Press (96 titles), and IEEE (83 titles). Two new monographic packages were added last month. The Synthesis Collection 5 (32 titles), from Morgan & Claypool, expands our selection of engineering and computer science monographs from this publisher. Literature Online added a set of audio recordings of Shakespearean plays (38 titles). The performers include actors trained at the Royal Shakespeare Company such as Joseph Fiennes and Sir John Gielgud. The recordings apparently include the appropriate sound effects and music, so make a date and listen to Anthony and Cleopatra. I hear that story has a happy ending.