National Library of Medicine Launches “Outreach to Specific Populations” Listserv

Be in touch with colleagues and others interested in health information
resources, services and programs tailored to specific populations through the
NLM’s new Outreach to Specific Populations listerv.

Health information professionals, librarians, advocates, healthcare
professionals, students and others are invited to sign up to share information
and discuss outreach to specific populations, and to participate in
discussions that address best practices, challenges and gaps associated
with health information outreach to specific populations. It was created by
the Outreach & Special Populations Branch in the NLM Division of Specialized Information Services (SIS).

It is anticipated that information distributed through the OSP Listserv will
* Health information outreach programs and services tailored to specific
populations such as students/educators, health professionals, minorities,
women, and seniors, among others
* Information resources addressing health topics ranging from HIV/AIDS
and environmental health to emergency and disaster preparedness
* Announcements of funding opportunities
* Notices of national, state and/or local meetings and conferences
* Information and technological resources for and about specific populations
* Training opportunities
* Best practices, trends, new ideas
* Publications, articles, and research findings related to health information outreach