Library of Congress Subject Headings of Interest

­June 5, 2013­

Unlike our earlier installments of Library of Congress Subject Headings of Interest, this selected list shows changes that have occurred, including several changes from the past that perfectly show the evolution of awareness that often happens in subject heading creation and usage.

Gypsies became: Romanies (changed in 2000) (May subdivide geographically)

Handicapped became: People with Disabilities (changed in 2003) (May subd geog)

Koran became: Qur?an (changed in March 2013)

Lesbian music became: Women?s music (changed in 1999) (May subd geog)

Unsolicited electronic mail messages became: Spam (Electronic mail) (changed in 2005) (May subd geog)

Violoncello became: Cello (changed in March 2013) (May subd geog)

~ brought to you by Jean Dickinson and Jane Rosario.