Read Our Books!: New Books In Graduate Services In January

New books for a new year here in Graduate Services. So, Come Read Our Books if you are a faculty member, graduate student, visiting scholar, or staff member. Read Our Books! We have books of all sizes here in Graduate Services. We got small books, tall books, skinny books, fat books. Read Our Books! And books of all colors: blues, purples, reds, oranges, blacks, yellows. A combination of all the colors and their various shades can be found right here in Graduate Services. Read Our Books! Some of our books even have pictures in them! Color Pictures! Read Our Books! The type setting is in all kinds of fonts: Adobe Garamond, Bodoni Book, Garamond Premeir Pro among many others. Read Our Books! Do you like acid free paper? We have many books printed on this kind of paper. Read Our Books! Do you have scurvy? We have books that have acidically aged so well that you can get your daily supply of vitamin C just by thumbing through them. Read Our Books! Are you into the Humanities and Social Science? Well, that’s great because those are the kinds of books we have here in Graduate Services. Read Our Books! We have books for everyone who is a faculty member, graduate student, visiting scholar, or staff member interested in size, fonts, colors, paper, and the Humanities and Social Sciences. Read Our Books! So don’t forget if that is you, we have Your book that can be read in Our room! Read Our Books! Enjoy.

Philosophy For Militants by Alain Badiou

A Place In Time: Twenty Stories Of The Port William Membership by Wendell Berry

All Things by Jorie Graham

The Fall Of Kelvin Walker: A Fable Of The Sixties by Alasdair Gray

Something Leather: A Novel by Alasdair Gray

Ten Tales Tall And True: Social Realism, Sexual Comedy, Science Fiction, Satire by Alasdair Gray

Writing Is An Aid To Memory by Lyn Hejinian

The Book Of Genesis: A Biography by Ronald Hendel

The Uncollected Henry James: Newly Discovered Stories edited by Floyd Horowitz

From Here To Eternity: The Complete Uncensored Edition by James Jones with a forward by William Styron

Ontology Of The Accident: An Essay On Destructive Plasticity by Catherine Malabou

luc nancy
Adoration: The Deconstruction Of Christianity II by Jean-Luc Nancy

common law
Common Law, History, And Democracy In America, 1790-1900: Legal Thought Before Modernism by Kunal M. Parker

Fifteen One-Act Plays by Sam Shepard