Online Health Program Planner 2.0

The Online Health Program Planner (OHPP) is a collection of public health planning tools. These tools were created by a collaboration between Public Health Ontario (PHO), the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools (NCCMT), and The Health Communication Unit (THCU). The tools are grouped into 3 collections: the original Six Program Planning Steps, the new Project Management Tools, and an Online Business Case Creator. Use the Six Program Planning Steps to establish your project’s evidence-base and develop your project’s logic model. You may save your work at any point, and return to it to work more on the project when time permits. The Six Program Planning Steps guides you throughout the process, with worksheets for each step to assist with the planning. The Six Program Planning Steps will help you to create project workplans, develop a data gathering plan, list possible actions, set goals, identify your audience, create outcome objectives, select strategies and actions, develop process objectives, and to choose the indicators you will use to assess the extent to which objectives have been met. It also includes a checklist to review your plan. The new Project Management Tools can be used to work out your budget, work plan, and roles. The Project Management Tools consist of worksheets to help you with implementation details for your project. You may also identify and manage your risks and benefits as you shape your business using the new Online Business Case Creator. The OBCC is a tool that will guide you through a three-step process to assess and analyze your project and help you make your best recommendations about whether a project should move forward or not. You can create a scorecard showing your project’s strengths and limitations, analyze the risks and benefits for your project, and look at the potential impact of your project.