Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea: New Books In Graduate Services In August

Look out (for what’s) below. New books and new adventures in Graduate Services. Take a tour of Vietnam with Steinbeck, or a tour of French Philosophy with Badiou. Maybe look at the theater of the 30 Years’ War with Brecht, or at the theater itself with Mencken and Wilder. Or just take a razor to all this with Amiri Baraka. Whatever. It’s all cool. Bon voyage.



The Adventure Of French Philosophy by Alain Badiou


Razor: Revolutionary Art For Cultural Revolution by Amiri Baraka


Mother Courage And Her Children: A Chronicle Of The 30 Years’ War by Bertolt Brecht translated by Eric Bentley


Betjeman On Faith: An Anthology Of His Religious Prose edited by Kevin J. Gardner


The Collected Drama Of H.L. Mencken: Plays And Criticism edited by S.T. Joshi


Flannery O’Connor: The Cartoons edited by Kelly Gerald


Steinbeck In Vietnam: Dispatches From The War by John Steinbeck edited by Thomas E. Barden


Moon-Child: A Play by Derek Walcott


Collected Plays & Writings On Theater by Thornton Wilder edited by J.D. McClatchy