SOPHE Rolls Out its New Center for Online Resources & Education

The Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE) announces its new eLearning management portal, the Center for Online Resources & Education (CORE). The purpose of CORE is to serve as a one-stop portal for eLearning, virtual engagement and Continuing Education (CE) tracking. Look here for online continuing education and professional development opportunities. CORE was designed with health educators and health promotion professionals in mind.

CORE provides access to many free archived webinars, such as A Look at Climate Change Policy and Practice in the Public Health Sector, and Translating Efficacious Behavioral Trials into Effective Community-Based Practice: An Example using the Diabetes Prevention Program. CORE also offers free toolkits from past National Health Education Weeks on topics such as how to be tobacco free, health literacy, and food safety. Low cost self study units are available a variety of health education and behavior and health promotion practice topics.

New content is scheduled to be added regularly. Free CORE accounts are available for non-members. CHES/MCHES credits are available from more than 50 webinars and presentations.