Public Health Economics and Tools

The Public Health Economics Tools page by the CDC is a collection of useful resources for public health professionals. These tools are designed to help you assess economic costs and benefits for a number of health issues such as influenza and vaccination. In addition to the tools, webcasts and course modules provide introductory information on economic evaluation for professional development learning.

The CDC’s Public Health Economics Tools consists of 11 economic tools, several online course modules, webcasts and other learning resources.

These tools include:
-Chronic Disease Cost Calculator Helps estimate state Medicaid expenditures for six chronic diseases and with generating estimates of the costs to Medicaid
-CDC Economic Evaluation of Public Health Preparedness and Response Efforts Free online introductory course teaching you how to apply economic evaluation techniques to public health preparedness and response strategies
-Community Flu 1.0 Simulates the spread of influenza through a community and allows you to evaluate the impact of a variety of interventions

And many more!