SAE Digital Library

Access to the full-text SAE Digital Library is currently unavailable due to licensing problems. Search this index to identify SAE technical papers, books, conferences, and standards from 1906 to the present.

The Kresge Engineering Library has the SAE technical papers available in microfiche from 1984-2004 at call number MICROFICHE 22983. Selected technical papers are included in the SAE Transactions, which are available at call number TL1.S6 from 1966 to the present. Older volumes are in storage at NRLF and articles can be retrieved from them.

2005-2006 papers are available on the Engineering Library’s public computers. Right now, if you need any technical papers after 2006, please come and see us so we can evaluate the best way to get them. We apologize for this inconvenience. Please address any questions to