What you MISS if you only use PubMed to find articles

PubMed is great, …

BUT: if you don’t use other databases besides PubMed to find articles, you are missing important public health research.

The Library licenses hundreds of databases for you to use while you are at UCB. Here’s a web page with some that are particularly useful for public health research.

So … what would you miss?

Here is some recent research by SPH faculty that you would not find using PubMed:

Use Sociological Abstracts to find articles like this:

eHealth communication and behavior change: promise and performance, Neuhauser, Linda; Kreps, Gary L; Social Semiotics, vol. 20, no. 1, pp. 9-27, Feb 2010.

Use PsycINFO to find articles like this:

Voices from the field: The social construction of alcohol problems in inner-city communities. Herd, Denise; Contemporary Drug Problems: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly. Vol 38(1), pp. 7-39, 2011.

Use Geography to find articles like this:

Monitoring and evaluation of improved biomass cookstove programs for indoor air quality and stove performance: conclusions from the Household Energy and Health Project. Smith K.R., Dutta K., Chengappa C., Gusain P.P.S., Berrueta O.M.a.V., Edwards R., Bailis R., Shields K.N. Energy for Sustainable Development. 11(2) (pp 5-18), 2007.

Use Global Health to find articles like this:

Public health policy and dioxin in the environment.
Smith A. H.; Occasional Report Series – Centre for Public Health Research, Massey University, Issue 9; Pages: 69-86 2006.

More examples are on the bulletin board in the Public Health Library. Please contact a librarian at the Public Health Library for more help finding articles on your topics.