Trial: Historical New York Times with Index

The Historical New York Times with Index is on trial through December 21 at:

We currently subscribe to ProQuest’s Historical Newspapers New York Times (1851-2006). The Historical New York Times with Index highlights the addition of the index terms with a Topics Tab and updated searching. Users can search on a specific topic term or browse for topics in categories as wide ranging as Companies/Organizations, People, Locations, Subjects, or they can search among all topics.

Major diffences between The Historical New York Times with Index and The Historical New York Times:

  1. Topic Browse: allows users to scan for index terms from all years, scan topic categories, or create a direct search for articles on a specific topic. The topics link directly to the newspaper content for which the New York Times staff created the index entries. Common topics lead to multiple newspaper articles that can be sorted or narrowed by date or sub-topic, as noted by the New York Times indexers.
  2. Advanced Search: users can now search on five new categories. Person, Organization/Company, Subject, Location, and Creative Work. These terms can be found in the drop down menu with the Advanced Search and also in the More Search Options section. These terms, unique to the Index, are designated with an asterisk.
  3. Enhanced Abstracts: article abstracts now feature additional information. Topic headings are linked to articles to which the NYT Indexers assigned the same heading

Check it out and if you have any comments send them to Myrtis or Jim R.