Resources about the research evidence base for public health practice

A recent "virtual issue" of Milbank Quarterly, Facilitating the use of research evidence, looks like an interesting read. Included articles are:

  • How Can Research Organizations More Effectively Transfer Research Knowledge to Decision Makers?
  • Developing an Evidence Base for Policies and Interventions to Address Health Inequalities: The Analysis of "Public Health Regimes"
  • Comparative Effectiveness Research and Evidence-Based Health Policy: Experience from Four Countries

Another resource that recently came to my attention is, A Schema for Evaluating Evidence on Public Health Interventions, from Australia’s National Public Health Partnership. This tool will help you through a process to appraise your intervention to see if it’s evidence-informed. A thorough evaluation of this document is available from the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools.

Let me know if you find either of these useful!