BN’s Teatro del Siglo de Oro portal

Teatro del Siglo de Oro

The Biblioteca Nacional de España (BN) now hosts a web portal that aims to be become a fundamental reference source for the study of Teatro del Siglo de Oro with special attention on the authoritative control of textual sources. At the time of its launch last spring, there were 137 fully digitized manuscripts (autógrafos, copias manuscritas, partes, sueltas, relaciones, and desglosadas) by authors like Calderón de la Barca, Lope de Vega, Tirso de Moina, and Vélez de Guevara. The intent is to make accessible the more than 2,000 original manuscripts in the national library’s collection. The portal also includes a useful bibliography, list of recent studies, and a handy list of links to other e-resources such as TESO – the searchable database of more than 800 Siglo de Oro plays available through the UC Berkeley Library.