Chemical Effects in Biological Systems database (CEBS)

The National Toxicology Program (NTP) has announced that CEBS has a new FTP web site to download toxicology study data from. The CEBS houses scientific toxicology studies of the NTP, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) laboratories, other government laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and academic institutions. CEBS was developed by the NIEHS.

In the new CEBS FTP website:

• Large data files are available for download.
• Files are organized by the type of data and the submitting institution.
• Additional instructions explain how data in the zip files are organized.

If users select the clinical chemistry folder, it will show multiple subfolders identified by the institution’s name. For example, clicking on the NTP subfolder allows the user to batch download all of the clinical chemistry data from all of the NTP studies in the database in one zip file.

Use the Download button in the data tab of a study in CEBS to download a type of data such as hematology from an individual study. The FTP Web site allows users to download data from all the studies submitted by the NTP or another institution.

Some types of data available include:

• Clinical chemistry
• Developmental toxicology
• Genetic toxicology
• Immunotoxicology
• Reproductive toxicology

Link to the new File Transfer Protocol (FTP) website URL:

Click Download Data on the Chemical Effects in Biological Systems database Web page. Instructions for accessing the FTP web site are also available on this page.