Upgrade and Afterlife: Canon Printers are Being Replaced by Cal1Card Book Scan and Print Stations

Say goodbye to the Canon copier in Graduate Services this week, because it will be retired by the weeks end. The UC Berkeley Library’s contact with Canon ends August 31, but Graduate Services will receive its new book scan and printer station August 17th. Or so I am told. This new book scan and print station will not take the old Equitrac print cards, as it will be brought to life by Cal1Cards each time you need to delve into some duplication. But don’t fret, if you have a few bucks still jingling inside an old Equitrac card, there will be an old timer copier sitting in the Reference Hall right outside Graduate Services you can use. But make sure to use up all the change on those Equitrac cards, because all the Canon copiers will go the way of the Ford Pinto come the end of August. So, put some funds on your Cal1Card card and bring a flash drive with you to grab some duplications from the new book scan and print stations in Graduate Servcies. A loaded Cal1Card and flash drive are now the keys to your research success. More information on this newfangled process can be found right here. Enjoy.