Priority 3: Manage the backlog and find creative means to reduce its size

There are two categories of backlogs. The first is of made up of print materials. As of February 2010, there are over 60,000 books in the Catalog Department. The second category is a substantial backlog of batch MARC catalog records to load into OskiCat.

The monographic backlog is challenging because its sheer size creates its own set of problems. For example, tracing materials is extremely difficult given the number of items that may have to be searched. We will investigate and implement creative means such as OCLC batch searching and use of the OCLC Bib-notification service to automatically upgrade records.

The MARC record batch load backlog exists because the Department can not allocate enough time to analysis and spec-writing that is required for each load. Our plan forward is to leverage the synergies between the Catalog Department and System Office. We will train selected LSO programmers to do the analysis, spec-writing and programming for less complicated loads. Complex load analysis, such as SCP monographs and serials, will remain with the Catalog Department.