Next-Generation Technical Services (NGTS) Update

Next-Generation Technical Services (NGTS) is an initiative developed by the University Librarians as a consequence of work conducted in other key UC efforts. As an outgrowth of the UC Libraries Bibliographic Services Task Force (BSTF) Report, the UC Libraries are involved in a strategic partnership with OCLC to develop a “Next-Generation Melvyl” pilot intended to re-architect the system-wide OPAC and transform the user experience of search and retrieval. NGTS is building on and complementing that work by redesigning technical services workflows across the full range of library formats in order to take advantage of new system-wide capabilities and tools, minimize redundant activities, improve efficiency, and foster innovation in collection development and management for the benefit of UC library users. More information on this initiative can be found at:

Phase I was completed in February 2010. In March 2010, Phase II task groups were charged with building upon the analysis and recommendations made by the Phase I groups. Phase II teams were as follows:

  1. Improvement of the Financial Infrastructure (UCB rep: Elise Woods)
  2. Development of Enterprise-Level Collections Management Services (UCB rep: Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz, Nick Robinson and Armanda Barone)
  3. Development of New Modes for Organizing and Providing Access to Special Collections, Archives, and Digital Formats (UCB rep: Harrison Dekker)

The aim of the work of the Phase 2 task groups was two-fold:

1.      to gain efficiencies system-wide by rethinking the tools, cataloging practices, organizational structures, HR support, and financial infrastructure needed to work at the network level with common, enterprise resources; and, thus,

2.      to free up resources for all the campus libraries to concentrate on the digital collections, the special collections, and the languages that make each of our libraries unique, valued and valuable.


The Phase II groups final reports can be found at:

The NGTS Phase II teams completed their work in December 2010 and their reports have been reviewed by the Council of University Librarians (CoUL), with input from the SOPAG, and the All Campus Groups (ACGs). You can find the document outlining the priorities the University Librarians have assigned to the recommendations in the Phase 2 reports at:

Submitted by: Armanda Barone

Janurary 3, 2011