Hold Off Edit Holdings Records Where Volumes are Split between Campus and the NRLF

Library Staff who Work With Holdings Records
Please do not edit Millennium holdings records (Library Has note) to reflect the split of volumes held at NRLF and those held locally.  Procedures for this work are currently being written and will need to be vetted with the appropriate Library Councils and committees before putting them into production.  If your Library Council or committee wishes to be among those to vet these procedures, please contact: Lisa Rowlison de Ortiz, Head of Serials Cataloging.

In Gladis we had a “Library Has” note (SUM) that showed all volumes owned by a location.  Displayed right below it was a “Storage note” (STO) note that indicated which volumes were at the NRLF.  A patron could figure out what was on campus by deduction.  If it’s in the SUM note, but not in the STO note, it’s on campus.

In Millennium, the campus item records are under the campus location and the NRLF item records are under the NRLF location.   Each location shows what is held at that location (i.e., a statement of location, not ownership).  When a patron sees a “Library Has” note under the campus location, it looks like all the volumes are on campus.  They have to look farther down the display to see the NRLF location to really know what’s on campus and at the NRLF.  The Systems Office has just completed running a program that placed a note under appropriate “Library Has” notes in campus locations that says “Some volumes stored off campus; see NRLF holdings below”  This will at least give a heads-up to patrons that what they want may not be on campus.


The Catalog Dept. and NRLF are working on procedures for editing holding records for both campus locations and the NRLF.  They will be ready for vetting soon.