Check the Status of Ongoing, Batch Catalog Record Loads

Have you ever wanted to know how often we get certain batch catalog record loads, and if they have been loaded  into OskiCat? Well now you can find this with the click of your mouse! See:

When you click on “Load Schedule” you will see a list of all the batch loads divided by ongoing and one time. For ongoing, we give you the frequency and the date of the last set loaded. For one time we give you the date loaded.

If you need more details, go to “Millennium Load Logs” and select a load name, e.g., SCP Monographs. Use the calendar icons to change the date range (we default to a 3 month time span) and click submit to see all the loads for that resource during that time frame. For each load, you will see the date on the filename, when we loaded it, how many records were added, overlaid, or rejected. In the future we will be adding a way for Cataloging to see the error logs for the loads on the same website.

Take a look at it and let us know what you think.
Lynne Grigsby

(posted by Bernie for Lynne)

Reminder – If you wish to request a new batch catalog record load, or check on the status of a new request, please use: