Catalog Dept. Operations Update – 1/28/09

Catalog Dept. Update – 1/28/09


1) Accompanying Materials

Books with accompanying materials (e.g., CDs, DVDs) are now being cataloged in our standard workflow. 


Action: If your unit stores these materials in a separate location or ever withdraws the accompanying material, you will need to follow the procedures found in the “Cataloging” section of AskTico –


2) OCLC PromptCat Problem Update

Acquisitions, Systems and the Catalog Dept. have worked together to verify that OCLC has (finally) corrected all the problems with PromptCat records.  Phase 1 record loads are progressing (see blog of 1/21/10). 



a)     Selectors who review books should be doing so now in 250 Moffitt.

b)     Subject Libraries are now receiving Phase 1 PromptCat books


Acquisitions, Systems and the Catalog Dept. are now working on the Phase 2 record load problems to learn what Millennium clean-up will be needed, as these PromptCat files are loaded.


3) Photocopies

FYI – The Catalog Department has developed Millennium procedures for cataloging photocopies of original works and these are now being added to our standard workflow.