Taking The Ledge Out Of Knowledge So As To Give You Better Grounds to Think On: New Books in Graduate Services for April

April showers bring books of knowledge, or something to that effect. Whatever the saying, the important thing is there are a lot of new books in Graduate Services this month. Now, did Easter make you want to get your religious on and go heaven bound? Well, step away from the ledge and get back in Graduate Services so you can check out Dante’s Eddie Money maker for those two tickets to Paradiso, because the only ledge you should be on is the knowledge. That said, you can’t take the book home tonight, or any night, since our collection is non-circulating. But you know that, and you realize Graduate Services is where Dante and Beatrice would rather be hanging with you anyway. When you’re done with Dante, you can read the letters of Saul Bellow and see what he thought about Easter or Dante. Then you can move on to some Heidegger, a bit of James Kelman, and a few books by this year’s Avenali Lecturer, Joyce Carol Oates. Salman Rushdie, V.S. Naipaul, Hanif Kureishi, Peter Matthiessen among others are also represented this month in our Modern Authors Collection, with Mr. Rushdie being the newest member. And if you ever wanted to take a class from the poet Charles Olson, you can come here and read his Muthologos, otherwise know as a book of his lectures and interviews. Rain or shine we are open the hours posted outside our door and on our website, so come on down and be Mr. Olson’s student or his interviewer. Role playing can be fun. Enjoy.



The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri volume 3: Paradiso translated by Robert M. Durling


Saul Bellow: Letters edited by Benjamin Taylor


Dictee by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha


Colonialism and its Forms of Knowledge: The British in India by Bernard S. Cohn


The H.D. Book by Robert Duncan


Country Path Conversations by Martin Heidegger


Translated Accounts by James Kelman


My Ear At His Heart: Reading My Father by Hanif Kureishi


End of the Earth: Voyages to Antarctica by Peter Matthiessen


Shadow Country: A New Rendering of the Watson Legend by Peter Matthiessen


The Masque of Africa: Glimpses of African Belief by V.S. Naipaul


Give Me Your Heart by Joyce Carol Oates


Sourland by Joyce Carol Oates


Muthologos: Lectures and Interviews by Charles Olson edited by Ralph Maud


Luka and the Fire of LIfe by Salman Rushdie


The Butcher’s Apron by Diane Wakoski


Anterooms by Richard Wilbur