Library Bookstore closes June 30

We are sad to report that the Library Bookstore will cease operation on June 30, 2011. It’s been a pleasure sharing with you the wonder and depth of content that has passed, via books, from our hands to yours.

Frank Carothers, who has managed the bookstore for nearly three decades, will retire this June. He would be hard to replace, and due to the Library-wide hiring freeze, we can’t even try.

University Librarian Tom Leonard especially asks that we share The Library’s intention to transition the bookstore operation into booksale events.

If you’d like more information as these are scheduled, please send an e-mail to librarybooksale-join[at] with the subject line “subscribe.” You will receive a confirmation e-mail to which you must reply in order to join the mailing list.

We thank you, our many patrons and friends, for your support of the Library Bookstore during its years of operation. We look forward to seeing you at our book sale events.