Books Not Gone Oscar Wilde: New Titles in Graduate Services for March

Not many books marching into Graduate Services this March. Hey, maybe some are still on Spring Break. A detour to Cancun before showing up here in April. Despite Spring Break and Saint Patrick’s Day, Samuel Beckett’s Selected Poems, 1930-1989 made it on to our shelves. Graduate Services also got two new books from one of the newest members of the Modern Authors Collection, Hanif Kureishi. There is also monographs from Julia Kristeva and Arthur Schopenhauer. (Do you think Kristeva’s About Chinese Women got waylaid by the Chinese New Year in Februrary, landing it here during the month of March? Me too.) Besides new books, many replacement copies of missing books in the collection came in last month. You could say our collection went under a monografting operation. If there is a book you need that has been listed as missing, well maybe that book can now experience that beautiful feeling of being needed. Just like bread in the early stages. Enjoy.



Selected Poems 1930-1989 by Samuel Beckett


About Chinese Women by Julia Kristeva


Something to Tell You by Hanif Kureishi


Venus by Hanif Kureishi


The World As Will and Presentation Volume Two by Arthur Schopenhauer and translated by David Carus and Richard E Aquila