Electrical power interruptions in Doe Library, March 22-24

A necessary project  to improve the safety of electrical panels in Doe Library will result in some power outages during Spring Break week.

During the outages, public areas will still be open using natural light from windows, but anything requiring electric power  (computers, copiers, lighting, etc) will not be operating.  The public computers in the Reference Hall (2nd floor Doe Library) and in Moffitt Library should  be available throughout this time.

For locations of the areas affected, see these floor plans.

  • Tuesday March 22, 8am-noon: Brown Exhibit Gallery, 105 Doe (classroom), 106 and 107 Doe (staff offices), 190 Doe (public computer room), Morrison Library*, and stairway to basement.  The North Entrance to Doe Library will also be closed until noon.
  • Wednesday March 23, 8am-noon: 190 Doe (public computer room, closed for a special event), Morrison Library*.
  • Thursday March 24, 8am-noon: East (Heyns) Reading Room, Rosberg Reading Room, 212/218 Doe (staff offices).

* Morrison Library opens at noon this week.