Cal 1 Card accepted for printing in Moffitt Library

UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff can now use their Cal 1 Cards to pay for printing from public computers in the “Information Gateway” on the entrance level of Moffitt Library.

The Cal 1 Card payment option is available from computers on the West side of this area.  Along with the Cal 1 card option, users have the option to print black and white on an HP LaserJet 9040 or color on an HP CP5525 printer.  The HP printers are being tested as the output devices for our future Library installations.

Please note that in order to pay for printing and avoid error messages, you need to set up your Cal 1 Card as a debit account and deposit sufficient funds.  Here are details on how to do this.

Holders of Equitrac copy cards can still use these on the public workstations on the East side of the Information Gateway.  Please be aware that Equitrac cards will expire June 30, 2011.

In the near future, a “guest card” will be available to library patrons who do not have a Cal 1 Card.  Cost and availability for the guest card will be announced on our website.

These changes are part of a larger transition in which the UC San Francisco Documents, Media & Mail office, in partnership with the UC Library, is managing our copy centers and expanding the services available.   For more information, see:

» Copying, Printing and Scanning, Self-Service
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Originally posted on the What’s New in the Library blog.