Another problem with saving lists in OskiCat

OskiCat users are experiencing a problem when saving items from a search to MyLists while not logged in.  Note that this is different from the previously reported problem in which existing lists could not be accessed.

The new problem occurs only when a user who is not logged in does a search, clicks on “save all”, then on “save to my lists”.  At this point, a “Proxy Error” screen appears.

To avoid the proxy error:

  1. Do a search.
  2. Select individual records by checking their boxes and clicking on “save selected records”,
    or click on “save all” to get all the records on current page.
  3. Click on “view saved” button near top of screen.
  4. Click on “save to my lists”.
  5. You should see the login page, offering CalNet and Patron/PIN options.