Welcome to Spring 2011! Some cool stuff for you (Part 1 of 2)

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Spring 2011 semester! Here’s a few cool library things; some new-ish, some not.

Borrow a USB flash drive

Forget yours? Need to fetch some online articles? You can borrow a USB flash drive (1 MB or 2 MB) for a one-day loan period.

Edit and/or print MS Office files at the library

New edit/print PC in the library allows you to make those last-minute changes to your term paper or presentation before printing it out or saving it to your flash drive.

Free scanning!

The Bioscience/Natural Resources Library in Valley Life Sciences Building has a free scanner for you to scan books, journals, etc. to your flash drive. It’s located near their Reference section.

Forget your laptop? Borrow one of ours!

MS Office and EndNote are installed.

Borrow a document holder

Avoid neck strain! Borrow a document holder from our Circulation Desk.