Change in OskiCat “permanent links”

One of the convenient features of OskiCat is that the detailed record page for each item includes a “Permanent link for this record”, which can be copied and sent to others who might be interested.  Here’s an example:

Until now, it has been possible to copy these links by right-clicking on them and choosing “Copy link location” or “Copy link address” (the exact wording depends on your web browser).

However, beginning Tuesday January 4, these permanent links will appear as plain text, not as live links.  It will still be possible to copy them for pasting into an email, but this will have to be done in the same way you would copy a piece of text, making sure to highlight the entire URL.

Exception: the Google Chrome web browser for Macintosh will still display these URLs as live links.

We had to make this change in order to make it possible to log into “My OskiCat” using your CalNet ID, an often-requested enhancement that will be introduced later this month.  Watch this space for details!