University Librarians Endorse Collective Initiatives, 2011-2014

Like systemwide and campus administrations, the UC’s Council of University Librarians has been actively engaged in visualizing pathways forward even in a time of diminished resources. A number of options have been examined and some have already been launched. I thought you might be interested in the document published in September that is now bearing fruit.

University of California Libraries, Priorities for Collective Initiatives, 2011-2014, endorsed by the University Librarians September 2010.

This document provides the framework within which many of the projects you’ve heard about are taking place. Some excerpts:

Vision. In direct support of the UC missions of instruction, research, public service, and patient care, the University of California Libraries will be leaders in providing and promoting information resources and services to UC faculty, students and staff and the communities they serve, when, where and how they want them.

Strategic Initiatitves.

·         The University of California Library Collection: Content for the 21st Century and Beyond

·         Next-Generation MELVYL

·         Next-Generation Technical Services

Informed byplanning [for the above], the UC Libraries are actively developing other strategic initiatives and goals aimed at system-wide, regional, and national transformative change, including efforts to:

·         Maximize library space:

o   Western Retional Storage Trust

o   Shared-Print-in-Place Task Force

·         Maximize library processing efficiencies:

o   Shelf-Ready Services Task Force

o   Non-Roman Backlog Task Force

·         Maximize digital library service capacities:

o   Digital Library Services Task Force 2

o   UC Curation Center (UC3)

·         Maximize long-term access to digital content:

o   HathiTrust development

o   Merritt digital repository services

o   Web Archiving Service

o   eScholarship


A happy new year to all!    ….Bernie