NIH Images: A Database Of Images In Biomedical Literature

The National Library of Medicine, part of NIH, recently released the Images database, consisting of approximately 3 million images from biomedical literature deposited in full text resources at the NCBI. Images is one of the many resources listed on the Public Health Library’s Public Health/Medical Images Resources web page.

The Images database enables users to search images based on keywords and a variety of other parameters, such as author and publication date. Images and data can be easily saved to users’ collections and shared with others through the use of My NCBI, a feature that allows users of NCBI resources (such as PubMed) to customize their search and display preferences, save and share searches, build bibliographies, and perform a variety of other functions.

Images are previewable in PubMed abstract display. Thumbnails of the first seven images will be displayed, with the option to see all (see below). Mousing over an image in the image strip will generate a preview display of the image with its figure caption.