Libraries to be open Saturdays this fall

We are happy to announce that eleven subject specialty libraries will be open on Saturday afternoons for Fall and Spring 2010-11, as they were last spring.  These are in addition to the Moffitt Library and Gardner (Main) stacks, with 1000 study spaces.  The Doe Library will continue to be closed on Saturdays.

Beginning on Saturday, September 11:
Anthropology                 1-5pm
Bioscience                     1-5pm
Business                          noon-5pm
Chemistry                      1-5pm
East Asian                           noon-5pm
Education/Psychology        1-5pm
Environmental Design         1-5pm
Engineering                      1-5pm
Music                             1-5pm
Public Health                   1-5pm
Social Welfare                  1-5pm

For more information, see our Library Hours page.