OskiCat filter for RefWorks

Do you use RefWorks to manage your citations? If so, you can use the new University of California Berkeley (OskiCat) filter to easily import citations from our library catalog into RefWorks. Until now, we have had to use the UC Irvine or UC San Diego filters.

Instructions for Exporting from OskiCat to RefWorks

In OskiCat:

  1. Save citations by checking the items you want then clicking on the Save Selected Records button
  2. When you are ready to download your saved records, click on the View Saved button then click on Export Saved
  3. Choose Endnote/RefWorks as the Format of List and select Screen in the Send List To column
  4. Click Submit then select and copy all text on the page

In RefWorks:

  1. Log in and select References > Import
  2. Select University of California at Berkeley as the Import Filter/Data Source and University of California Berkeley (OskiCat) (EndNote/Refworks) as the Database
  3. Select Import Data from the following text, then paste your copied text into the box and click Import