Global Health database (EBSCO)

Does your research require that you find material from or about other countries?


Global Health contains information from over 3500 journals, plus reports, books, book chapters, conference proceedings, patents, theses and electronic only publications from more than 150 countries going back to 1973. Global Health contains over 1.2 million scientific records, and more than 90,000 records are added each year. Over 95% of these records include an abstract.

A significant proportion of this material is unique to Global Health, meaning that you will not find it in PubMed and other databases. Global Health coverage includes the following subjects: International health, biomedical life sciences, communicable and non-communicable diseases, public health nutrition, food safety and hygiene, occupational health, toxicology, health services, and maternal/child health. This database offers global coverage with items in over 50 languages translated into English.